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re: Some PvP bio fun. Edward Teach style!


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The dreams came again last night. On the deck of the Adventure. Cannon balls flying, musket smoke and swords. Men dying left and right and those funny lights and the tingling sensation. Then Marco Ramius and his damned offer. Take it and live or refuse it and die.

Hard to think he would later look up to this man. Harder still to think he would respect him and call him a mentor. Edward became a pirate to avoid having to take orders. He became a pirate to live his own life by his own rules. Now he lives a life dedicated to a massive organization based on foundations of tolerance and good will toward all.

The dreams have been coming almost every night now. The dreams of the day he spat on all that he once stood for. The day he became the man that hunted pirates, and the rest of the scum and villainy that threatened his “precious federation”.


The following morning 0700 hours:

“Captain on the bridge!”

“Ye god’s woman! Do you have to yell that every time I walk into this damned room?”

“Sorry Sir. Protocol dictates…” said Commander Zazi Shured.

“Protocol my ass. You do it just to get under me skin. I need ye to come to my quarters and discuss something with me.”

“Understood sir.”


A short time later in Teaches Quarters:

“Well Commander? Do ye think this crew is capable? More to the point do ye think they be willing?”

“Admiral. This is asking a lot from a crew. It’s a crew that has served you for a long time. It’s a crew that has gone through hell and back fighting the Borg, Iconians, Klingons, The Dominion and so many others. Do you really think they can turn around and fight against them? There’s no stronger enemy left in known space right now. Their Allies are strong right now. Stronger than they have been for a long time Sir.”

“I know all this Commander. I also know I cannot sit by and live a lie any longer. It’s time to do things for ourselves. Damned the federation and damned Project Christopher. Damned their fucking station and Damned the Admirals that man it. I’ll see Admirals Skonn, Silk, Nish’Tar, West and Knight at the end of a phaser pistol before I take one more damned order from them.

This crew is handpicked. I placed every one of these men aboard me ship for this very reason. They have no families to leave behind. They hold no great love for the Federation or Star Fleet and they certainly hold no loyalty to this damned time traveling nonsense group we have gotten ourselves tangled up with. They may have saved my life but they left me half a man. It’s time we take the fight to them. I intend to carve my way through the hulls of their ships with our cannons and torpedoes. I plan to burn them to the ground. Each and every week I will take the fight to them until they give up and cry in pain. It’s time to make a name for me self again. It’s time The Queen Anne’s Revenge makes people fear its name and run from its path.”

“Yes Sir. I think we can do it. I just don’t know how long we’ll hold out against so many.”

“We will have allies. Alliances shift very fast out here in space my dear. You watch them burn and some will turn. They will be fighting each other before its done. And don’t forget me girl. We have that Fat Bitch: The Adventure. She be waiting to show them what an old girl can hide. She be more than she looks. She be more than a match for the scurvy curs that we be about to face.”


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re: Some PvP bio fun. Edward Teach style!



I do enjoy the voice. 

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