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Not a Book Club returns!! But what is it?

by Skonn, 131 days ago

Many a fleetie might have asked themselves this question, especially the newest members (welcome!!) 

Just what is this "Book club", "Monday Night Book Club", "Not a Book Club"??? 

Book Club is when we get together (on Monday nights, at 9 PM EST) on Discord to discuss Trek episodes.

Don't like Trek or sci fi that much? Not a Book Club is still for you! We'll be alternating with different themes per week, covering horror, thrillers, action, animation, you name it! 

We post a list of the episodes/films we'll be watching on the "Not a Book Club" Thread: 

To give people time to break out their DVDs, or check them out via Netflix,, or any other medium they prefer. 

What episodes do we watch? Any and all Trek is fair game! We try to keep it varied, and switch back between all series. We also usually pick a theme for the week and take episodes from more than one series that fit the theme. Past themes include: 

Mirror Universe 
Borg in Voyager 
Batman's influence in Trek 

Suggestions are always welcome. 

Do you need to know every episode inside-out to join us? Not at all! If you want to have a good time, enjoy talking about the show, or are amused by nerdrage and occasional quibbling about plot points, this is the night for you! 

We'll pick up next week (Monday 20th) with the episodes posted on the thread. Hope to see you all there!

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by Vexashen, 170 days ago

Congratulations Brody on your promotion to Fleet Council!

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by Vexashen, 175 days ago

Many changes have been made to our Discord server. Please log in and read the info text channels that have been added.


Thank you.


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