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Jay Six - Starfleet Tactical Officer

Jay P. Hailey and his crew were Starfleet Officers and Crew on the Constellation Class USS Harrier in 2367. Just after The Borg Incursion, Jay, Originbally an Engineering Officer was promoted to command the Harrier, an old ship dragged out of mothballs to help cover Starfleet Losses at Wolf 359.

Hailey and his crew encountered an unknown phenomenon. 29th Century Starfleet understands that that the 24th Century Harrier Encountered was a primitive Temporal Mine.

Knowing the Mariner 10 project was looking for losses like the Harrier, 29th century Starfleet acted to remove the Harrier from the time stream. Unfortunately there was a mishap and they got multiple copies of the Harrier and crew.

Two of these have joined the Mariner 10 Project in 2407, helping the Federation win the terrible wars of the time.

Jay Six, and Jay Seven are slightly out of temporal synch and so never seem to run into each other, or encounter each other. 

Jay Six uptrained as a tactical officer. Both Jay Six and Jay Seven Adopted a numeric last name in the style of Natives of Eminiar.  They have cover identities prepared and memorized, but in all the chaos of the war, no one really notices or cares.

Both are history nerds and were really overjoyed when time displacements began to allow them to visit the history they'd poured over as kids.

But as the Nak'hul attacks have picked up - they're beginning to wonder.  Is Time Travel really all that great an idea.  No matter what era you're in, it's already too late. 


Ship  Yamato Class USS Challenger.



Meta - Jay is a sort of time clone of a self-insertion character I wrote some fan fics about in the 1990s.  He is also my oldest STO Character, dating from the original opening of the game. I made him within the week of the live launch.

Jay Six and Benton Quest are on the "@Denwash" account, originally owned by my friend, Dennis. 




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