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re: Carla Purple


Carla Purple,  Starfleet Tactical Officer

Carla grew up dreaming of being an astronaut and exploring space. Her planet, Larala, home of the Purple People really wondered if they were alone in the universe and what the rest of the Galaxy might hold.

The answer quickly appeared right after the test of an umanned warp drive prototype.  The Federation Arrived, introduced themselves and asked for help.  A Sprawling, amazing coalition of all sorts of different people and planets. the Federation was hard pressed by the Borg and civil strife among their neighbors.  Usually new worlds were not contacted so quickly or abruptly but things were touigh and they could use all the friends and allies they could find.

Carla graduated from Astronaut training into Starfleet Academy.  While at Starfleet Academy, she was approached by Phillip Crey to become a Delta Recruit.

Once on active Duty, Carla and her crew were assigned to Starbase Mariner 10, under the odd impression that all Time Travel is related. 

Carla grimly fights to defend her new friends and her home world against all manner of surprising threats and problems.

Carla dreams of the days she learned about in Starfleet History Classes, when battles were rare and the primary mission of Starfleet was exploration. Maybe some day, she can join the ranks of explorers.

Starship: Arbiter Class USS Purplevania.   Purplevania is the name of the Capital City of Larala, the planet of the purple people. Carla isn't aware of it, but her ship holds a similar resonance for them that the USS Enterprise can hold for people from Earth.


Meta - When I made up Carla, I wasn't putting too much energy into creative naming.

When I made up Purplevania,  I was thinking "Anvil-ania"  from the Animaniacs.


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