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re: T'aesla of Virinat



T'aesla of Virinat.  Romulan Republic Tactical Officer.  Ship "R.R.W. Spirit of Virinat", a Morrigu class battlecruiser. 


T'aesla of Virinat is still sort of in shock, even it's been two years.  Two years ago, the Elachi came and smeared her homeworld in a violently casual attack.  T'aesla and a small group of friends escaped in an ancient warbird, and went from frightened refugees to pro-Republic Privateers. 

Deep in her heart of hearts, T'aesla thinks of herself as a hick from the sticks who has been on a wild roller coaster ride of luck. She and her core crew of refugees do not speak of themselves as being in the main line Romulan Republic Star Navy. Instead they describe themselves as privateers and reservists. They frequently eschew uniforms and military discipline.

But when the fighting comes, they get right down to business.  Although you might mistake them for civilians, or the crew of a heavily armed tramp freighter, they drive a Republic Battlecruiser and they get the job done.

T'aesla and her crew frustrate High Command.  Admirals have assured her, she really is an officer, really in the real Star Navy.  T'aesla is grateful but pretty sure, eventually, when the war is over, they'll take her battlecruiser away, and leave her sitting on a dock, having to go get a "real job".  She doesn't mind.  She's not afraid of hard work. 

When pressed to put on a uniform,  T'aesla and her crew wear a 23rd century uniform, modelled on the ones they found in their first old warbird. 

High Command has assigned line officers and even one Starfleet exchange officer to T'aesla's crew.  Instead of them bringing the  Spirit of Virinat into line, it seems like the attitude of the command crew infects the newbies.

T'aesla and her crew have been smashed together by a tsunami of war that came to get them and hasn't let up yet.  How will this look one day in the future?  No one has time to worry about that now.  Just get the ship repaired and get yourself ready for the next engagement.  Stops at Risa or Earth or New Romulus aside, before you know it, Someone will be gunning for Romulans or civilians somewhere, and the Spirit of Virinat will be there, cannon blazing. 


In ancient entertainment files on Virinat, the kids watched hoary old space adventures.  It became a running joke about this ancient show (Old even in the 23rd century) that any extra who appeared wearing red pants was doomed.  By a complete coincidence, T'aesla was wearing her favorite old comfortable red work pants when the Elachi came.

Quietly, Her friends pulled new red pants out of the replicator.  Now her whole crew wears red pants, as if an act of defiance against fate itself.  



T'aesla is a semi retired toon.  I made her mainly to see the Romulan Content. Her story is pretty locked in by the events portrayed in the Romulan arc. 

 She lays out pretty good damage with a ship full of heavy cannon, but she's squishy. 




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